How to travel cheap?


Hi everyone! I hope you are well. If you follow me on my social accounts, you already know that I’m currently on holidays, which inspired me for this week’s article. Whenever I travel, I frequently get questions about the prices of flight tickets and accommodations, and the reactions to my responses keep on surprising me. People are always stunned to find out that the prices they had in mind are much higher than those of reality. I realise, in fact, that many people have this misconception that travelling is (very) expensive, especially when the destination is far away. That’s why, today, I decided to share four golden rules for you to travel cheap:

Travelling off-season

If you can go on holidays at any time of the year, travelling off-season is the number-one golden rule to travel cheap. When you go on holidays off-season, you reduce the cost of your trip. Indeed, the prices of flight tickets, accommodation, and even all-inclusive holidays are up to three times cheaper than in high season. And this is especially the case for tourist places. The months of May, June, September, October, and November are generally the least expensive months to travel. For example, I have the habit of going on holiday during the months of May/June and September/October because it’s always during these periods that I find flight tickets at unbeatable prices.

Being flexible on the dates of your trip

It’s important to be flexible regarding the dates if you want to save money on flight tickets. When I organise my holidays, I always give myself a margin of one month (for example: from mid-September to mid-October), and I compare the prices of flight tickets for this specific period. The site I use to compare prices is Skyscanner because it allows you to search for a whole month and choose the best option to travel cheap.

Also note that flight tickets are generally cheaper when you travel on weekdays rather than weekends, hence the importance of having some flexibility on travel dates.

Choose destinations where the living cost is cheaper

Choosing a country where the living cost is cheaper will allow you to treat yourself, be comfortable, and enjoy your holidays. There is nothing worse than having to limit yourself and calculate each of your expenses because you have a tight budget. The purpose of travelling is to change your mind, to discover new horizons, and to enjoy a maximum. If you want to enjoy your holidays without breaking the bank, choosing a country where the living cost is cheaper is the solution for you!

To discover the living cost of a country, you have to do some research. Find out about accommodations, activities, and food prices. Look also at the conversion rate between your currency and the local currency of the country. This research will give you a better idea of the budget you will need for your holidays.

Take advantage of deals and offers

This last point is really the best solution for high season and family trips. Today, there are many sites like or that scrutinise the best deals and offers for you. They also allow you to choose between several airports for your departure. I also recommend you consult the websites of airline companies because they also share several offers for holidays. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletters of these many sites to stay informed about all the latest deals and to give yourself the chance to travel cheap.

You now know the four golden rules to travel cheap. What are your good tips to be able to travel cheap?

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