How to lose 5 kg in 30 days?

lose 5 kg

How to lose 5 kg in 30 days? This is a question that doesn’t have a specific answer because each person is different, and it all depends on our body. In this article, I will simply share eight steps that allowed me to lose 5 kg in 30 days, without having to go through crazy diets. These steps are valuable because, in addition to allowing you to lose weight, they will help you change your bad eating habits. Here are the different steps:

Eat healthy

If you are really determined to lose 5 kg in 30 days, it’s important that you eat healthy. Adopting a healthy and varied diet will help you limit weight gain. The three great tips I can give you in order to eat healthy are:

  • Make sure to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day because they are foods that have a beneficial effect on human health.
  • Limit sugary, fatty products and alcohol as they favour weight gain.
  • Vary your diet to create a more balanced diet.

Eat three to four times a day

Eating three to four times a day will help you acquire a balanced diet. It will also allow you to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs throughout the day.

These different meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an optional healthy snack break. For my part, I made sure to eat four times a day, and it’s the rhythm that helped me lose the weight I wanted in 30 days.

An example of one of my typical days: fruits and a yoghurt for breakfast, a balanced meal for lunch, a salad of fruits or vegetables for my snack break at 3:30 pm and a light meal in the evening (meats + vegetables, a salad or even two to three bowls of cornflakes).

Reduce food portions

If you are a greedy person like me, this section is for you! It’s necessary to reduce your food portions if you have a habit of overeating. It’s something you have to do progressively, so you don’t feel like you are starving yourself. Try to reduce your portions until you reach a reasonable and adequate quantity for your body. This will, at the same time, re-habituate your stomach to eat less.

Make meals prep

Making meals prep consists of planning and preparing your meals of the week in advance. This is the perfect solution to respect all the points I just explained to you above, as well as to save money on your grocery shopping. You just need to equip yourself with food containers to store your meals of the week. Prefer small-medium boxes to limit the risk of overflowing portions. Also, try to privilege meals that only require a small quantity of sauce (or not all).

Making meals prep was really one of the crucial factors for me to lose 5 kg in a month.

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Drink 1.5 L of water daily

Drinking 1.5 L of water daily is so important that I will never stop repeating it. Water is good for your health and for the body’s good health. It’s recommended to drink one to two litres of water a day. Water facilitates digestion and contains no calories. If you are someone who usually doesn’t drink water, start with a few glasses of water a day and try to increase the quantity over time.

Tip: drinking water a few minutes before eating reduces your appetite.

Exercise regularly

Healthy diet + regular exercise = a winning combination to lose weight. Give yourself the means to be physically active because you need to move your body if you want to lose weight. Favour cardiovascular exercise, as it will allow you to burn calories. I recommend you do a minimum of 20-30 minutes of cardio, three to four times a week. I personally did 30-45 minutes of cardio four times a week to lose 5 kg in 30 days. I burnt between 400 to 550 calories during each cardio session. If you hate doing sports, start with at least 20 minutes and increase the duration progressively over time.

Limit snacking and fast foods

It’s essential to limit snacking and fast foods when you want to lose weight. It would be best to stop completely, but I know for a fact that it’s easier said than done. In order to get rid of these bad habits, the best option is to continuously reduce the frequency for which you snack and/or consume fast foods. My tip to stop snacking is to drink green tea whenever I feel a little hungry outside of my mealtimes. Regarding the fast foods, try not to eat one more than once a week. Note that the less you succumb to all of this, the more you facilitate weight loss.

Have a good night’s sleep

It’s necessary to have a good night’s sleep in everyday life, but it’s even more important when you want to lose weight. Fatigue encourages weight gain because it affects our diet and disrupts our internal clocks. It’s recommended to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to ensure the proper functioning of our body. In addition, sleeping early reduces the risk of eating late at night.

By properly following these eight steps, you will put the odds on your side for you to lose 5 kg in 30 days. However, avoid focusing too much on your weight during this time because, as I said before, each person is different. The more you put your focus on your weight, the more you’ll become a constraint for your weight loss goal. Whether it takes you one or two weeks to lose 5 kg, the most important thing is to lose them and change your bad eating habits at the same time. Be consistent and find your right balance; the rest will naturally follow.

So, are some of you looking to lose weight? Do you have any other tips for losing weight? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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