How did I start my hair journey?

hair growth

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. Today, I invite you to discover how did I start my hair journey. I can say that I have come a long way. I used to hate my hair and I was always wearing braids or weave. My hair was too thin and flat. I used to relax my hair every 1.5 months without realising that it was the reason for my hair’s condition. Therefore, I thought I would never have long hair in my life.

Hair loss

In September 2012, I had heard about “hair journey” for a few months. After a few pieces of research, I decided to start taking care of my hair. My hair care regimen was simple and consisted of a moisturiser, oil, a tube of shampoo, and a conditioner. I was ready to acquire beautiful long relaxed hair; however, everything didn’t go as planned.

For Christmas 2012, I went to a hair salon because I wanted a sew-in weave, but the hairdresser made it too tight. When I removed my weave 3 weeks later, my hair edges were gone. The sew-in weave also caused me alopecia. As if it wasn’t enough, I experienced some severe hair loss because of the shampoo I used to use. It contained sulphate, and this chemical is harmful and often causes hair loss. Unfortunately, I realised too late that my hair cannot stand sulphate. With the sew-in weave I made for Christmas 2012 and the shampoo with sulphate, I ended up almost bald. Here is the picture:

hair breakage

I never had my hair in such a bad state in my entire life. It was a disaster. I was so sad and discouraged. All these bad experiences strengthened the idea that my hair would never grow. Nevertheless, I remained hopeful and kept the decision to seriously take care of my hair.

I built myself a strong hair routine. I had limited my use of relaxers to once every seven months, and I only did hairstyles that allowed my front hair to breath. I took pictures of my hair every month to observe the evolution of my hair. Taking monthly pictures of your hair helps you to see your results closer.

Started from the bottom now we hair

A year later, my hair was healthier, had more volume, and was longer. In February 2014, I decided to go natural, and I started transitioning. Here is a picture of my hair after taking care of it for a year:

hair growth

You can clearly see the difference after eleven months. My hair was not particularly long, but it became healthy, and I also got my hair edges back.

Love your hair

I sincerely hope this article can help other girls. This article shows you that you just need to take good care of your hair and it will grow. It’s important that your hair is in good health to acquire long hair. If this article can motivate a few girls to begin their hair journey, it would already be a victory for me.

My next hair articles will be about my hair care regimen and the products I used to grow my edges back. In the meantime, don’t forget to share my article.

See you soon!