Benefits of garlic oil for hair

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’re aware that I love using natural oils on my hair. Today, I’m in the same lineage, and I’m back with a detailed article about the benefits of garlic oil for hair. Although still unknown to the general public, this oil has a lot to offer. See for yourself!

Properties and benefits of garlic oil for hair

Garlic oil has so many virtues for hair that it’s hard to believe that many people are still unaware of its existence. Indeed, this oil has antibacterial, stimulating, nourishing, and cleansing properties. This allows it to be effective in fighting against dandruff, cleaning the scalp, and sublimating the hair. And as if that were not enough, garlic oil also has the ability to stimulate the hair bulb and boost the blood circulation of the scalp. Therefore, all these benefits and properties make it the perfect oil to promote the rapid growth of hair and limit hair loss.

Garlic oil is highly recommended for people with dry hair or alopecia. However, I encourage you all to integrate it into your hair routine because it really makes the difference.

How to make garlic oil for hair?

There are different ways to make garlic oil, but here is the simplest method and the one I use:


100 ml of extra virgin olive oil

A head of garlic


Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by peeling seven cloves of garlic.
  2. Cut the cloves of garlic into small pieces and put them in a clean and preferably sterilized jar.
  3. Pour the 100ml of olive oil into the jar before closing it. If you don’t have a jar, use a container that you will cover with two pieces of paper towels and a rubber band.
  4. Let it sit at room temperature for seven days and out of direct sunlight.
  5. Once the seven days have passed, in a clean jar or an empty cosmetic plastic bottle, filter the oil with a small colander and a funnel to get rid of the leftover garlic.
  6. Your garlic oil is finally ready to use. Its shelf life is one month if stored in a cupboard and two months if stored in a refrigerator.

How to use garlic oil for hair?

Garlic oil is used like all other natural oils. You can use it in hair care, in pre-poo, or hot oil treatment. However, its strong smell makes its daily use difficult. The ideal way, in my opinion, is to use it in pre-poo alone or oils treatment. If you suffer from alopecia, apply a few drops of garlic oil on the affected area of ​​your scalp and massage it for 3-5 minutes. Follow this routine every night before sleeping.


Force yourself to do a test patch first on a small section of your scalp (preferably in the back) to make sure you don’t have allergic reactions. I also want to clarify that you should avoid garlic oil if your scalp is damaged. If you have wounds, patches, or if it’s itchy, wait until your scalp is healthy again before applying garlic oil.

So, what do you think of this oil? Have you used it? Do you intend to use it? How do you prepare it?

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