8 reasons why your hair stops growing

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Do you have the impression that your hair stops growing or that it’s been several months, even years, that you have the same hair length? Then this article is definitely for you. Many reasons might be the cause of your hair growth issues, but today, I’m going to focus on the top 8 reasons why your hair stops growing.

However, before going through different reasons, I’d like to make a small aside. When the term “hair stops growing” is used, this means that you keep having hair breakage. Indeed, unless you have health problems (confirmed by a doctor), your hair never stops growing. Saying “hair stops growing” is just a popular term.

Let me now return to the main reasons why your hair stops growing:

You don’t moisturise your hair properly

Keeping your hair moisturised is essential to get healthy hair. This is also why it’s important to know your hair porosity. It will help you get a better understanding of the type of products that best suit your hair’s needs.

When you moisturise your hair, it should last at least two to three days. If you feel the need to apply your hair lotion/cream every day, it means that your lotion is not good for your hair.

A hair moisturising cream must always be water-based. If water doesn’t appear first in the ingredients list, your lotion is not water-based. Therefore, the hair moisturising cream is not adequate for your hair, and you need to replace it with a water-based one. It’s also important to always seal the moisture of your hair in order to keep your hair moisturised a fair amount of time.

Over-manipulation of your hair

Over-manipulation of natural hair causes breakages. You have to reduce the amount of daily manipulation of your hair. It’s not necessary to comb or brush your hair every day, especially if it is dry. Combing your hair once to twice per week – preferably on damp/wet hair – is more than enough. Try to opt for low manipulation hair. Favour protective hairstyles that you can keep two to three days without the need to manipulate your hair. You can choose to do some cornrows, twists, a bun, etc.

Too many products on your hair

Applying too many products on your hair can definitely affect your hair growth because this has the effect of creating product build-up and clogging the pores of your scalp. So, your pores can’t breathe, and this prevents your hair from adequately growing.

To avoid having too many products on your hair, don’t apply your hair moisturising cream on your scalp. Don’t do more than two hair cares per week, and try not to apply oil on your scalp more than twice per week. Also, don’t forget to use your clarifying shampoo once a month.

Your hair routine isn’t working for you anymore

Yes, the same hair routine that helped you grow your hair can become one of the reasons why your hair stops growing. That might be strange, but that can be the case. If you use the exact same products since you started your hair journey, there is a good chance that your hair begins to saturate. Indeed, your hair gets used to these products, so they don’t have the same effect on your hair. It is thus necessary to alternate your hair products from time to time.
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To determinate if your hair routine isn’t working for you anymore, you will need to listen to your hair. Several signs can tell you that you need to change your regimen. If compared to the beginning of your hair journey, your hair “strangely” changed, the look of your hair is different after being washed, your curls are not as bouncy as before, your hair has become difficult to deal with, or you have more hair breakage than before, then it might be time to review your hair routine and buy new hair products.”

Too much proteins in your hair

Too many proteins in your hair is definitely not good. Why? Simply because your hair needs to keep a good moisture-protein balance. When you have too many proteins in your hair, you will notice that your hair has become hard, rough, and dry. It lost its shine, and you have more hair breakage. If you are in this situation, take a break with protein products and treatments, and be more focused on moisturising hair care in order to restore a good moisture-protein balance.

Using too much heat on your hair

Using too much heat on your hair can severely damage your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have low or high porosity, you need to avoid using heat if it’s unnecessary. When you use too much heat, it causes hair breakage. It can also damage your hair texture to a point that you will need to do a big chop.

If you are someone who uses too much heat, try to reduce using hair straighteners, hair dryers, and hair curlers. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer. Replace your hair curlers with hair rollers, twists, cornrows, or bantu knots in order to curl your hair. Favour African hair threading to stretch your hair instead of using a hair straightener. These simple gestures can make a big difference in the health of your hair.

You have split ends

If your ends are too damaged, there is no point in keeping them because you don’t want to lose your hair length. No hair care can save split ends. The only solution is to trim them. Otherwise, you will keep having hair breakage, and you will lose your hair length at some point… so you already know what you have to do.

You don’t wear a silk or satin scarf/bonnet

I know that I already mentioned this several times in some of my articles, but I will never repeat it enough: you need to wear a silk or satin scarf/bonnet during the night. It protects your hair when you sleep. Silk and satin are textiles that help maintain your hair moisture. Other fabrics tend to make your hair dry and cause hair breakage. If you don’t like sleeping with something in your hair, buy yourself some silk or satin pillowcases.

The list is now over, and I hope you did enjoy this article. I personally faced six of these height issues. And you? Did you ever face one of these problems? If yes, don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments section.

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