7 bad hair habits that damage your natural hair

Marsai Martin

When you start your hair journey, hair mistakes are almost inevitable. The problem is that these mistakes often turn into habits that become difficult to stop. Some habits are more catastrophic than others, but they all have a negative impact on the growth of your hair. Today, I am going to share with you 7 bad hair habits which we all must get rid of for the well-being of our natural hair:


I think that carelessness is one of the most common bad hair habits. We all had a period when we were tired of taking care of our hair. However, this is when carelessness takes place: you don’t moisturise your hair and the scalp as often as you should, you don’t do as much hair care as you used to, etc. Indeed, taking care of natural hair can sometimes turn out to be “a lot,” so the best is to have a simple hair routine that works for you. It’s pointless to have a big routine that you can’t keep up. Opt for simplicity and efficiency.

Over manipulation

Over manipulation is another bad hair habit that many of us have trouble to let go. Changing hairstyle every day is cute, but it’s not good for natural hair. This forces you to have to manipulate your hair every day and, therefore, causes hair breakage. The best solution is to opt for low manipulation and protective hairstyles. This will prevent you from always having your hands in your hair.

Too tight protective hairstyles

The simple fact of saying “too tight protective hairstyles” doesn’t make sense. If your hairstyle is too tight, it loses its protective function and becomes destructive. A protective hairstyle is a hairstyle that allows your hair to rest. Its purpose is to avoid over manipulation. When your hairstyle is too tight, it can cause you hair loss and alopecia. So, avoid over-pulling your hair when styling it and make sure your protective hairstyles are indeed protective.

Manipulating your hair when it’s dry

Manipulating dry hair is really one of the bad hair habits that you must get rid of at any cost. This is frequently one of the main reasons why people are stuck with the same hair length for months, even years. When you comb your hair while not moisturised, you damage your hair ends and cause hair breakage. Make sure you always moisturise your hair before styling!

Applying hair lotion on your scalp

I recently told you about this issue in my article about getting rid of dandruff, and I’ll repeat it today: applying hair lotion on your scalp is a bad hair habit! This clogs the pores of your scalp and, as a result, causes dandruff and prevents your hair from growing properly. Your moisturising hair lotion is to apply only on your hair.

Not trimming your hair ends regularly

Not trimming your hair ends regularly is undoubtedly in the top of bad hair habits. I know it’s never easy to trim your hair, but it’s necessary. Make sure to trim your ends once every trimester. This will allow you to get rid of damaged hair ends and prevent them from expanding on the rest of your hair. If, like me, you often forget to trim them, put a reminder every three months on your phone. It’s for the well-being of your hair.

Applying gel too often on your hair

If you are among those who love to keep their hair laid, you surely have already had to deal with this problem. You like having a nice sleek bun so much that you apply gel too often on your hair. Except that, gel can cause hair breakage when used too often. You can also end up with no edges because of all the hair-pulling to get your hair laid. So, try to limit your gel consumption to protect your hair.

The important thing to remember about this article is that every bad hair habit has a consequence on your hair. The quicker you get rid of them, the better your hair will be. If you do have some of these few bad hair habits, you know what you have to do: share them in the comments 😀 but especially get rid of them as soon as possible!

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