6 misconceptions about natural afro hair

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Today, I am back with an article a little different from the others. I’d like to talk about some misconceptions about afro hair that I hear quite often and that are annoying. Some misconceptions are sometimes the result of a lack of knowledge and others are simply negative. So, I will go through these misconceptions and will give you my thoughts on each of them. Here they are:

Taking care of natural hair is expensive

I’m not sure where this misconception comes from, but I can certify that this is completely wrong. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not necessary to have plenty of products to take good care of natural hair. If you only focus on the essentials for your hair routine, it won’t cost you a fortune. Today, there are several types of hair care that you can prepare yourself at home with ingredients that don’t cost much. It is, therefore, not worth spending a lot of money to have healthy kinky hair.

Natural hair is hard to manage

Natural hair is only hard to manage when you don’t know how to take care of it. The complexity of natural hair is that it requires special attention. It’s for this reason that I keep repeating that it’s important to know your hair so you can take care of it properly. You must find out what works for your hair, do regular hair cares that will help you soften your hair, avoid combing your hair when it’s dry, etc. Your hair can be hard to manage at first, but once you’ve found the right routine, you’ll see that natural hair just needs to be loved.

Natural hair doesn’t grow

The idea that natural hair doesn’t grow doesn’t have its place in 2019. On average, natural hair grows about 0.8 cm a month, which makes a total of 9.6 cm per year. The real problem is not the growth of your hair, but rather your ability to retain the length of your hair. Everything is a matter of maintenance and hair routine. If you have problems with your hair growth, I invite you to read my article about the reasons why your hair stops growing.

It’s impossible to have long natural afro hair

The real question is: why would it be impossible? I’m sure you’ve all seen many girls with beautiful long, natural afro hair. I agree that it’s not easy, but not impossible. The key to having beautiful and long natural hair is to take care of it properly. I know you’re certainly tired of hearing this sentence, but that’s the truth. The hard part is finding the right products and the proper routine for your hair. I am, myself, still looking for the perfect routine for my hair. Once you have found what works for you and you’re consistent, you will also have long healthy hair.

Natural hair doesn’t suit everybody

This is an idea that I’ve always found absurd. How can your own natural hair not suit you? I really want someone to explain to me the logic of this idea. I’m willing to believe that some women have some difficulties in finding hairstyles with their natural hair that enhance their face. But to say that their natural hair doesn’t suit them, it’s ridiculous! Today you can find a lot of hairstyles inspirations on the internet. You just need to try different hairstyles until you find the ones that suit you best.

Natural afro hair is ugly

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*Eye-rolling* Natural hair is ugly according to who?! This is another idea that really has no place in 2019. Natural hair is versatile and gives us the opportunity to create a multitude of hairstyles and different looks. You can wear your afro, do a sleek bun, make a twist-out, do cornrows, straighten your hair and so on. You are spoiled for choice. Don’t let anyone tell you that the hair growing on your head is ugly!

I know that there are plenty of girls and women who have trouble loving their beautiful hair because of the many misconceptions that persist on afro hair. I really hope this article can help some of them to appreciate their natural hair and forget about these misconceptions.

Have you ever heard any of these misconceptions? Do you know any other misconceptions? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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