12 ways to promote natural hair growth

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After writing up an article about the 8 reasons why your hair stops growing, it just feels right for me to share with you a new article about 12 ways to promote natural hair growth. Some points might sound redundant to you, but remember that if we keep mentioning them, it’s because they are essential for having healthy hair. Here are the ways:

Knowing your hair

Knowing well your hair will help you have a clear vision of the gestures to adopt and the products to use for your hair to be healthy. This will also give you the necessary means to easily act accordingly when you face an issue with your hair. In other words, knowing well your hair will help you to take better care of your hair. So, don’t hesitate to get the information you need about your hair (level of porosity, protein-moisture balance, etc.) in order to promote its growth.

Proper hair hydration

Some of you might be tired of hearing about hair hydration, but unfortunately for you, there is no end in sight. Hydration is the base of healthy hair. Therefore, it’s essential to properly hydrate your hair because healthy hair is hair that grows. This is the reason why you need to make sure that both the way you hydrate your hair and your moisturiser are adequate for your hair.

Massaging your scalp

Massaging your scalp during three to five minutes helps promote natural hair growth. Indeed, scalp massages stimulate the blood circulation in your hair roots. Try to massage your scalp two to three times per week, and you’ll notice a big difference regarding your hair growth. Believe me, this gesture has been tested and approved!

Minimising hair manipulation

I will never repeat it enough; if your hair growth is your priority, you need to minimise manipulation. You weaken your hair when you manipulate it too often. Therefore, you’ll easily experience hair breakage. Try not to comb your hair more than once a week and opt for low manipulation hairstyles that can last at least two/three days. If you really have a hard time to leave your hands and comb out your hair, go for a protective style from time to time.

Working your hair in sections

When your hair reached a certain length, it becomes necessary to work your hair in sections. This will allow you to work better on all your hair when applying a product, reduce the risk of creating knots during manipulation and limit hair breakage. Essentially, working your hair in sections helps you protect your hair and maintain your hair length.

Building a hair routine that you will follow

It’s necessary that you build a hair routine to take care of your hair, but it’s even more important to be able to follow it. It’s better to create a simple routine that you are sure you will respect than a larger routine that you won’t follow. When I started my hair journey, my hair routine was very simple. Then it progressively evolved with time. So be sure to build a routine that works for your hair and your time schedule. Consistency promotes natural hair growth 😉
simple hair routine

Letting your hair breathe

It is true that it’s often advised to opt for protective styles, but know that you need to let your hair breathe too. If you keep doing a protective style after another without letting your hair see the daylight, you are doing a disservice to your hair. Try to enjoy your natural hair at least two weeks/a month in between two protective styles. Furthermore, if you pay attention to YouTubers or bloggers with long natural hair, you’ll notice that they don’t do many protective styles (wig, box braids, sew-in weaves, etc.). Even when they had short hair, they would most of the time enjoy their natural hair. So, the moral of the story is that you have to let your hair breathe and enjoy the daylight from time to time.

Trimming your split ends

Trimming your split ends is essential for your hair growth. Split ends are often one of the reasons why your hair stops growing. Make sure to always trim your hair when you have split ends. If you have a hard time to tell if you have ends that need to be trimmed, I will give you a tip. If your ends create knots when you style your hair or if they look sad when you do some twits, it’s time to trim them.

Hair oils

Hair oils are pretty good for promoting natural hair growth. There are plenty of oils with different benefits. Some will strengthen your hair, while others will limit hair loss or stimulate hair growth and even more. You can easily boost your hair growth with them, especially if you combine them with scalp massages.

Protecting your hair during the night

If after all my latest articles you still don’t sleep with a scarf/bonnet in satin or silk, I don’t know what to say anymore. It’s essential that you protect your hair during the night. Otherwise, most of your efforts in taking care of your hair will be wasted. Satin and silk fabrics maintain the hydration of your hair while other fabrics will make your hair dry. And you already know that dry hair means hair breakage. You can buy satin pillowcases (in a store or online) if you don’t like sleeping with something on top of your head.

Drinking a lot of water and eating healthy

Drinking lots of water and eating healthy ensure your bodily functions are supported and running efficiently. It will also contribute to hair growth. A lot of healthy food contain vitamins and nutrients that will strengthen and feed your hair. Water, for its part, favour blood circulation and carries those vitamins and nutrients to your hair roots. Conclusion? Make an effort to drink water and eat a lot of healthy food.

Being patient

Patience is a golden path. There is no magical recipe to make your hair insanely grow in a short time, so don’t be impatient. The more time you take to appreciate and learn about your hair, the more your hair will return you the love back. It’s crucial to have healthy hair before worrying about the length. My hair is a living proof of that because I have come a long way as explained in my article about the beginning of my hair journey. So please take care of your hair, meet their needs, and they will grow.

By following these 12 ways, you can be sure to promote your natural hair growth. So, which ways will you include in your hair journey?