10 hair essentials for your natural hair journey

natural hair essentials

Hi everyone, I recently received a few messages from readers and noticed that two questions came up quite often: “What products to buy for my hair?” and “What products do I need to start my hair journey?” It’s always difficult to recommend specific products to someone because it depends on each and everyone’s hair. So today, I’ve proposed 10 hair essentials for your natural hair journey. Here is the list:

Hair moisturiser

A moisturiser is an essential product to your hair routine because the hydration of your hair plays a fundamental role in your hair health. It’s, therefore, necessary to have a hair moisturiser that is perfect for your hair. A hair moisturiser can be a moisturising hair cream, a moisturising hair lotion, or a leave-in conditioner.


The reason you need shampoos instead of just one is simply because you need two types of shampoos: the regular shampoo and the clarifying shampoo.

The regular shampoo

The regular shampoo is the one that you will use once a week. It allows you to maintain good hair hygiene and the good health of your hair. It’s listening to your hair that you can determine if the shampoo you use is for you or not. If your hair is dry and stiff after washing, you may need to try another shampoo.

The clarifying shampoo

The clarifying shampoo is to be used once a month. It will deeply cleanse your hair and get rid of micro-residues that your regular shampoo didn’t capture. This type of shampoo tends to dry the hair, so be sure to apply a deep conditioner afterwards.

Prefer sulphate-free shampoos, especially if you have sensitive hair.


Conditioners are definitely hair essentials. There are two types of conditioners you need in the help of taking care of natural hair: the conditioner and the deep conditioner.

The conditioner

The conditioner is used after the shampoo. It’s a kind of quick hair care that will nourish your hair, give it shine, and soften it. Once rinsed, your hair is supposed to be soft to the touch. If this is not the case, you might need to change your conditioner.

The deep conditioner

The deep conditioner deeply moisturises and nourishes your hair. He will revitalise your hair. Apply once every two weeks after your shampoo.

Wide-toothed comb

The wide-toothed comb is the tool that will help you detangle your hair. The wide teeth of the comb help to limit hair loss during detangling. It’s advisable to comb your hair once a week, preferably during wash day.

Natural hair oil

A natural hair oil is a product with which you will seal your hair moisture. It can also be used as an oil treatment if you apply it as a pre-poo (that is, hair care that you will leave on your hair before washing it). I recommend you start with one or two natural hair oils. You will be able to expand your collection over time.

Silk or satin scarf

The satin or silk scarf is essential to protect your hair at night. Silk and satin are fabrics that help keep your hair moisturised. Other fabrics make your hair dry, and dry hair means hair breakage.

Plastic cap

A plastic cap isn’t essential, but it’s very useful. You should wear it after applying a hair care. It will create a natural heat that will improve the penetration of the product into your hair. It’s most often sold in a pack of several plastic caps. However, you have several other alternatives, such as foil, a plastic bag, a heat helmet, and so on.

Protein treatment

A protein treatment will restructure and strengthen your hair. It is, therefore, necessary to make a protein hair treatment once every two/three weeks (depending on the protein-moisture balance of your hair). You can get a protein treatment in store or simply prepare your own at home.

Hair spray

The hair spray is convenient to detangle your hair or even for moisturising it. You can also buy a spray bottle in which you can create your own spray. Both options are equally effective.

Hair accessories

Hair journey or not, I’m sure you all have hair accessories for hair styling. By hair accessories, I mean bobby pins, hair clips, and hair bands. They are needful to style your hair and also during your hair care in order to work in sections.

essential tools for natural hair
All these products and tools form the basis of a hair routine. You don’t really need to have hundreds of products to take care of your natural hair. The key is to find the right products for your hair. So, you must make sure to know your hair a minimum (your hair type, your hair porosity…) and try several products until you find the ones that work for your hair.

And you? What products and tools did you have when you started your hair adventure? I’m waiting for your answers in the comments section.