How to wear neon colours?

celebrities neon colors

Neon colours can be intimidating at first sight because they require a certain kind of self-confidence combined with caution. Wearing neon colours may be a real challenge. However, neon colours are great for boosting a look. Indeed, these colours are fun and add character and spice to your outfit. So, don’t be impressed by the brightness of the colours and find out here how to wear neon colours with confidence.

Choose the right colours

We agree by now that neon colours are definitely eye-catching colours. It is, therefore, imperative to choose the colours that suit your skin tone when you wear clothes that have neon colours. For example, if you have a pale complexion, it’s better to opt for a colour like royal blue or bright purple. On the other side, if you have a matt or darker complexion, you are lucky enough to be able to wear almost – if not – all the neon colours. Neon yellow, orange, fuchsia, and bright red will be the colours that suit you the most.

Mixed with softer colours

Neutral colours have the capacity to soften neon colours. You can easily balance the colour intensity of your outfit with tones like nude, black, white, grey, or pastel. You can also opt for metallic colours because they really go well with neon colours.

Favour simple clothing

Neon colours can be risky because it’s easy to fall into excesses if you don’t wear them properly. It will be easier to create a nice stylish outfit with simple clothing rather than more “elaborate clothes.” However, if you are confident enough to combine neon colours and clothes with special details, just go for it! Simply make sure to not go overboard.

celebrities neon colors
Source images: Google images – Kim K, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Rocsi Diaz

Try accessories

If you are still reluctant about wearing neon coloured clothess, accessories are an excellent alternative. You can choose any type of accessories. From pieces of jewellery to bags to shoes, the choices are almost endless. The accessory will add a final touch to your outfit.

Don’t do too much

Like I said earlier, neon colours require a certain degree of prudence. Exaggeration is, therefore, your enemy! Avoid mixing too many neon colours at once. Avoid also to wear a too sexy outfit because neon colours are already eye-catching enough. If you are bold enough to wear a total neon look, just make sure to the right choices.

Source featured image: Google images – Solange, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jlo