How to wear see-through clothes?

célébrités vêtements transparents

See-through clothes are part of those timeless trends that appear every year, no matter what the season is. From accessories to clothing, fashion designers never stop showing incredible looks with see-through items.

A properly worn see-through clothing can make your outfit look ultra-feminine with a little sexy touch. It can be worn as the centrepiece of your outfit or a simple detail. However, always keep in mind that see-through clothing is risky and can easily make you look vulgar if you don’t wear it appropriately. The idea of see-through clothes is to reveal a touch of skin without revealing too much. So, the question is how to wear see-through clothes without looking vulgar? Here are a few pieces of advice:

Choose the type of fabrics

There are several types of see-through fabrics, but in this article, we will only focus on the most popular ones:

Sheer fabrics

They might be the most popular fabrics in the list. Sheer fabrics rhyme with softness and romance. These fabrics are usually used by fashion designers to create a loose cut or voluminous clothes because they add a real elegance dimension. The softness of sheer fabrics is perfect for a dress, long skirt, or a nice shirt.


Lace is synonym of gentleness. Indeed, lace is well known for its lightness and finesse. This fabric has a natural touch of sensuality and has been the favourite fabric of many of us for a very long time (or “for a minute” like our American friends say). Lace is used to make different types of clothes, but is more common in the manufacturing of lingerie. If you are looking for a sexy clothing but with finesse, lace fabric might be the best choice.

Mesh and fishnet

Both fabrics are more relaxing fabrics compared to the others on the list. They have the advantage to be breathable materials, and this is the reason why they are very often used to make sports clothing. Mesh and fishnet fabrics bring a casual flair to your outfit, and they can also add you a rock and roll touch.

Vêtements transparents
Source images: Google images – Kim K, Vanessa Hudgens, Roochelle Wiseman, Kylie Jenner

Choose the right clothes for your body type

Again, and I will never repeat it often enough, it’s very important to choose the right clothes for your body type. This is even crucial when it’s a question of see-through clothes because you can easily fall into being vulgar and this is not what we want. For example, it’s best to avoid tight see-through top with only a bra when you have a very generous breast. If you go to the club, it might be different, but be confident in your choices because you might risk attracting unnecessary attention.

Don’t do too much

Unless you have a special occasion, it’s not necessary to do too much. Wearing see-through clothes should be the element that will emphasise your outfit with a little sexy touch. Make sure to always balance your outfit. If you wear a see-through top, it’s better to opt for a sober option for the bottom and vice versa. You can also play with different material to add movement to your look and create a certain balance.

Wearing see-through clothes? Yes, but with class.

Feartured image source: Google images – Alexandra Burke, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, Kenza Zouitten