How to wear cycling shorts?

how to wear cycling shorts

Cycling shorts, strong fashion items of the 80s, made a major come back this Summer 2019. Indeed, although they leave no one indifferent, their appearances keep increasing, and it becomes almost impossible to avoid it. Cycling shorts are determined to change your mind about them and are ready to find their place in your wardrobe. So how to wear cycling shorts? You have to start by choosing the right shorts for you because, yes, cycling shorts are trendy, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to wear. It’s therefore essential to take your morphology into account when choosing your shorts. Cycling shorts are most often recommended in a black and long version (which stops above the knees) because it fits almost all the body shapes and it’s easier to wear. However, avoid too tight shorts because you may feel compressed and uncomfortable, but also end up with the famous “camel toe.”

Now let’s move on to the different looks you can adopt with cycling shorts:

The sporty look

This option is perfect for sportswear fans, but also the easiest one to wear. Indeed, the cycling short is the fashion piece that fully embraces the athleisure style (i.e., sport and leisure) and, therefore, puts you right in the theme. You can opt for the total sporty look or, for example, associate your shorts with a pair of sneakers and a loose shirt and accessorise the overall with a belt or hip bag.

how to wear cycling shorts
Source images; Google images – Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo, Cindy Bruna, Jasmine Sanders, Lottie Moss

The feminine look

The feminine look is perhaps one of the most successful looks on social media because the short can turn into a chicer item if it’s well associated. You can wear shorts with a long blazer, a pair of heels, and a nice little handbag. There is also the option of the long white shirt with a belt or a belt bag to mark the waist. Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit with pieces of jewellery and opt for a glam makeup to accentuate the feminine touch of the look.

The street-style look

The street-style look can be composed of several possible combinations; however, you will notice two types of outfits that come back most often. You have the outfit that is composed of the cycling short worn with an oversized sweater and a pair of sneakers or ankle boots. The second look mostly consists of cycling short associated with a crop top, a bomber jacket, and a pair of sneakers.

The bold look

The bold look is aimed at fashionistas who are not afraid to push limits with style. The bold look is usually preferred with cycling shorts in a vibrant colour or with prints. The shorts are then worn with a coordinated top and/or with strong pieces such as high socks, a hat, an original bag, a jacket that stands out, etc.

So, girls, what do you think of cycling shorts? Would you wear a cycling short this Summer? I’m waiting for your answers in the comment section below!

Source featured images: Google images – Emilie Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin, Olivia Culpo, Sofia Richie, Tinashe