How to wear animal prints?

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Too long seen as kitsch or vulgar, animal prints have managed to find their way in the world of fashion. Indeed, animal prints continue to stand the test of time and are one of the big stars of this Spring/Summer 2019. From leopard prints to zebra stripes to reptilian graphics, animal prints have invaded our favourite stores. So, if you too want to take the plunge into the jungle and add a character touch to your outfit, here are my six tips for wearing animal prints in everyday life:

Choose the right print

Choosing the right animal print may seem insignificant to you, but it’s much more subtle than that. Animal prints have been offered in all forms and colours, so you must choose a print that suits you and that fits your body. It’s easier to wear animal prints when the pattern is small, and it attracts much less attention. However, animal prints with large patterns will tend to be more eye-catcher, so be careful not to wear them on a part of your body that you are not completely comfortable with.

Favour simple cuts

Animal prints don’t go unnoticed. It’s, therefore, necessary to avoid too complicated or too sexy cuts. Otherwise, there will be a greater risk of falling into extreme, and this is not the goal. As animal prints bring a lot of character to an outfit, it’s best to wear it with simple cuts to keep a good balance in your outfit.

Opt for accessories

If you like animal prints, but you are not ready to wear them as clothes, then accessories are a good alternative. You can choose to wear animal prints on small accessories such as jewellery, a belt, a pair of sunglasses, or on a little more apparent items, such as a bag, shoes, or even a scarf. You are spoiled for choice, so treat yourself.

Animal prints
Source images: Google images – Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, Zendaya, Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Choose good quality items

Wearing good quality items is generally recommended for all types of clothing, but it’s even more important when it comes to items with animal print. This doesn’t mean that you should only opt for expensive items, but rather to avoid items that look cheap. When you wear a low-quality item with animal print, you increase your chances of looking kitschy and/or vulgar. Conclusion? You need to prioritise good quality items.

Don’t mix different animal prints together

Although you may have already heard that it’s very fashionable to mix prints in general, this is to be avoided with the animal prints for everyday wear. Animal prints are bold and self-sufficient. It’s, therefore, better to associate them with neutral pieces for a more modern look and not to risk falling into too much.

Avoid the total look

Unless you work in the entertainment or fashion industry, it’s best to avoid the total look in everyday life. By total look, I mean an animal prints’ look from head to toe (hat to shoes). If you’re a fan of animal prints and you’re confident enough to wear a whole animal prints dress, treat yourself. Otherwise, you can opt for a strong piece like a coat, a skirt, a top, or even a pair of trousers, while being trendy at the same time.

The article is now coming to an end. What do you think of animal prints? Will you succumb to this trend? I’m waiting for your answers in the comments section.

Source featured images: Google images – Joan Smalls, Victoria Beckham, Karrueche Tran, Olivia Culpo, Tinashe