How to wear a leather skirt?

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The leather skirt doesn’t please everybody. Some people find it to be a daring garment, while others consider it as a must-have. Needless to say, that I am personally all for it. So, how to wear a leather skirt? It depends on the style of the skirt and the way you wear it. If well combined, the leather skirt is the perfect element for a rock and roll or glamorous look. In what follows, I will share with you a few tips on how to wear a leather skirt without being vulgar:

Choose the right style of skirt

There are several styles and shapes of leather skirts. Therefore, I won’t introduce you to all of them, but I will focus on the two most popular ones:

Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt might be the most known and appreciated style of leather skirt. It adds a chic and very feminine touch at once. It can be worn with different types of tops (shirt, simple top, denim shirt, tank top…). You can choose to combine the skirt with a nice shirt to look more elegant. You can also opt for a denim short or a jumper for a more casual look and to balance with the sexiness of the skirt.

Skater skirt

The skater skirt is loose and more comfortable. When it’s short, it tends to make you look a little bit younger. On the opposite side, when it’s a long version, it gives you a classy and mature look. The biggest advantage of the skater skirt is that it’s easier to wear than the other styles of leather skirts. The choices are almost endless. Whether from the viewpoint of types of tops or materials, you can create plenty of interesting looks.

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Don’t do too much

Avoid bad mixtures like a tight mini leather skirt with high heels and a top with deep cleavage. It’s clearly inappropriate for an everyday look, and it’s way too much provocative. This is not what we are looking for. A leather skirt is already a sexy garment; therefore, there is no need to over increasing this side of the clothing. Also, avoid wearing a too tight skirt. There is no harm to wear it close to the body, but simply make sure to not look ridiculous. If you really want to wear a sexy leather skirt, try to combine it with sober pieces. You can even wear it with nice sneakers like a pair of Converse.

Try different colours

When we think about a leather skirt, we tend to imagine it only in black. However, there are many colourful leather skirts. So, get out of your « comfort zone » and try to be creative in colour!

With all these elements, I hope you will now be able to know how to wear a leather skirt like a pro and without being vulgar.

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