How to stop excessive sweating with lemon?

how to stop excessive sweating with lemon

It’s summer, the weather is nice, it’s hot, and therefore we sweat more!

Sweating is a natural phenomenon; however, it can be particularly embarrassing when it becomes excessive and especially when it comes with smells. Although there are many cosmetic products to help you stop excessive sweating, you can also opt for natural remedies like lemon. Indeed, lemon is a perfect antiperspirant that I’ve been using for years and has proven itself.

What are the causes of excessive sweating?

In order to be able to stop excessive sweating effectively, it’s essential to identify the various factors that can cause it:

  • Medical reasons (in this case, I highly recommend you seeing a doctor)
  • The stress
  • Physical efforts
  • Obesity
  • Certain foods such as onions, caffeine, hot spices, beer, or even garlic.

Be aware that odours don’t come from the sweat itself, but rather from bacteria on the skin. In other words, it’s the decomposition of sweat that has a bad smell. To fight bad odours, it’s important that you respect certain gestures:

  • Wash daily
  • Wash again after physical efforts
  • Don’t wear clothes several times without washing them (especially those you have sweated in)
  • Avoid wearing fabrics that make you sweat
  • Limit the foods mentioned above

The benefits of lemon to help you stop excessive sweating

Lemon (or lime) has citric acid that helps it fight against excessive sweating. Indeed, this acid has the particularity of reducing perspiration and eliminating the bacteria present on your skin that cause unpleasant odours. Lemon plays the role of both the antiperspirant and the disinfectant.

How to use lemon to stop excessive sweating?

You have two options:

Slices of lemon

Take a lemon and cut it in half or slices. Rub the slice of lemon on your armpits and let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes before cleaning. You can reuse the lemon slice 2-3 times by making sure you put it in a freezer bag before putting it in the fridge.

Lemon juice

If you prefer lemon as a liquid, get a bottle of lemon juice and pour a small amount on a piece of cotton. Rub the cotton on your armpits and let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes before cleaning.

The frequency to apply lemon on your armpits depends on your skin and yourself. Some people use lemon as a regular deodorant and keep it every day and all day long. However, I find the lemon way too acidic to apply it daily and all day long. Personally, I do a “lemon cure” only during periods when I sweat a little more than usual. I apply the lemon as explained in the article, and I do it four times a week for two weeks. That’s more than enough for me.

Good to know before applying lemons on your armpits

Here are some important things to know before applying lemon to your armpits:

  • Do a test patch first to make sure you do not have allergic reactions. Each skin is different, and the results may vary from one person to another. I don’t pretend to be a doctor or having any medical knowledge. I’m only sharing information and my personal experience. Each one engages its responsibility, and I am in no case responsible for your acts, your irritations, or your allergic reactions.
  • Avoid applying lemon to your armpits after shaving because it may sting you and irritate your skin.
  • Also, avoid exposure to the sun before cleaning your underarms. Otherwise, you may get irritated.

The article is now coming to an end. Were you aware that lemon was a good natural product to stop excessive sweating? Do you know of other natural alternatives?

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