How to make your eyebrows grow back?

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Eyebrows are an important element of the face because they contribute to the harmony of the face. It’s very good to be able to draw your eyebrows perfectly, but it is way much better to have beautiful, natural thick eyebrows.

In this article, I will share with you my experience with my eyebrows. Believe me or not, I used to be that girl with thin/non-existent eyebrows, and I had to draw them every morning simply with a pencil. Back then, the eyebrows tutorials on YouTube were not as successful as today. We didn’t have all these makeup gurus showing us how to draw our eyebrows perfectly.

How did I end up with no eyebrows?

I used to trim my eyebrows with a razor, which was such a bad idea. In the beginning, my eyebrows were still decent, but after a few months, they became… a joke. Here is a picture:

eyebrows pencil

I think it was in 2011. At this period, I thought I would never have natural thick eyebrows in my life again. I wasn’t into tattooed eyebrows, so I had to draw my eyebrows every morning. The issue when you have “pencilled-on eyebrows,” everything becomes your enemy: waking up late, heavy rain, swimming pools, beaches, sleeping at someone’s place, etc. I know that some of you can relate. It was hell!

One day, I was so fed up of drawing my eyebrows every single morning, so I made some researches on YouTube, and I found few girls talking about castor oil. They explained how castor oil helped them with their hairs, eyebrows, lashes, and even nails. I decided to give it a try, and I had no regrets! I applied this oil twice a day for 3 months, and I got very thick eyebrows. I looked like one grizzly bear after 1.5 months, but I wanted to be sure to have enough eyebrows before going to the beautician. I don’t really have pictures of my eyebrows after the 3 months challenge, but I found a picture where you can see that I got natural thick eyebrows:


Since that challenge, I never put any pencil on my eyebrows because I don’t need it. My eyebrows are now thick and dark enough. I only go to the beautician every 2-3 weeks to trim my eyebrows with the threading method.

Make your eyebrows grow with castor oil


As materials, you will simply need a mascara brush (from an old mascara, but don’t forget to clean it before use) or a cotton bud and the castor oil.


Quickly dip your mascara brush in the oil and apply it on your eyebrows before sleeping. I used to apply it every morning as well, just before brushing my teeth and washing my face. You are not forced to apply it every morning too, but that’s what I used to do. I was desperate guys; lol.

Where to buy castor oil and where to find it?

I personally used the castor oil from the brand HT26. You can normally find it in every hair and cosmetics store. Castor oil is also sold in every pharmacy. I’ll recommend you opt for a 100% natural castor oil. I hope this will help you the way it helped me.

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