Coloured Rained and Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks review

Dose of colors matte liquid lipsticks

Hello Guys! I’m back this week with a new article about matte liquid lipsticks from the brands Coloured Raine and Dose of Colors. If you know me, you know that I love lipsticks. I cannot go out without my lipstick. So, I decided to regularly share few quick reviews about the lipsticks that I already tested.

Please note that I am not a make-up expert, even though I’ve slightly become a fan of make-up since I live in London. I wasn’t really interested when I was living in Belgium because there are not plenty of choices regarding make-up, and it was always a struggle to find what I was looking for. I know that, now, it is getting better and some brands are currently taking place in Belgium.

But let’s get back to the main topic, which is my little review of Coloured Rained and Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks.

Coloured Rained matte liquid lipsticks

I first tried the brand Coloured Raine in 2016 that I discovered on Instagram. I was looking for a dark purple lipstick, and I really loved the matte liquid lipstick called “Raine Fever” from the brand. I ordered it with another one called “Soul.”

Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Image Credit:, Raine Fever & Soul

I didn’t really like “Soul” because it was too light for me. Therefore, I gave it to one of my friends. I did love the “Raine Fever” lipstick, and I wore it very often until I finished it. However, I had an issue with it. The lipstick made my lips too dry at the end of the day, and it was abnormally difficult to remove it. For these reasons, I’m not really interested in ordering their lipsticks again for now. But don’t forget that I tried them in 2016. I’m sure they have improved their formulas since then.

Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks

One day, I had a long conversation with one of my friends YouTube channel about matte liquid lipsticks. She recommended me to try the brand Dose of Colors. I watched a lot of videos and checked some Instagram pages to see the colours I wanted on dark-skinned girls. I placed an order of five lipsticks on their website: “Chocolate Wasted,” “Berry Me,” and the pack of three matte metallic lipsticks “Teddy,” “Scarlet Lace,” and “Corset.” I received them after 2 weeks and some customs fees.

Dose of colors matte liquid lipsticks

My favourites were “Chocolate Wasted,” “Teddy,” and “Corset.” I used to wear “Chocolate Wasted” and “Teddy” together to create a kind of gradient. I also do like the smell of these lipsticks. I won’t be able to describe it, but it’s pleasant. The lipsticks don’t dry out the lips too much, but some other brands do better in this specific area. I’ll recommend you to always apply a base (lip balm, Vaseline…) in your lips before wearing a matte liquid lipstick. So, will I order Dose of Colors again? Yes, and I’m actually going to order “Chocolate Wasted” again.

You can order both Coloured Rained and Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks on if you live in the UK. If you live in the US, it’d be better to order them on their respective websites.

I hope you liked this article. Don’t hesitate to share your impressions on the lipsticks if you already tried them.